Try something old.

July 18, 2012 at 4:26 PM

When I first started out in graphic design, I would create a logo with ink on paper. Back then, there wasn’t much choice. And I loved the whole process of it – sketching and doodling ideas, refining curves and detail, and finally creating the final inked masterpiece with enough crispness of line and solid black fill that the camera in the darkroom or the scanner could come up with a sharp, clean image suitable for printing.

Over the years, with design tools and software evolving and becoming more sophisticated, I jumped on the band wagon and began to design logos in Corel Draw and then in Adobe Illustrator. Clients began to expect it and besides, it was new and fun and I was learning a new skill which allowed me to keep up with the industry and fit in. But I lost touch with my sketching skills and my sketch books began gathering dust and a year or so ago, it took me all morning to dig up a real pencil and then I couldn't find a sharpener at all.

That’s when I started thinking I should re-explore sketching and begin my logo designs with pages of rough concepts and thumbnail sketches. I wanted to go back to a more organic approach to developing my ideas and see what transpired. It’s been more difficult to re-introduce than I thought. Turns out newer habits can be as hard to break as old ones.

In the meantime, my love for acquiring new journals and sketchpads and notebooks has been well fed, my sketching abilities are coming back to life and I believe my logo design process has been more inspired too.

Here's a peek at my latest thumbnail set for a logo I'm currently working on.



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