When is a Bookmark Not a Bookmark? When it's a Business Card.

November 07, 2011 at 11:22 AM

A business card can make a lasting impression. The paper you use, the color, the design and the typestyle all convey a message about who you are. It's a bite size piece of your brand and should clearly represent what your business does and why a person should contact you. While a DIY business card can be inexpensive, the flimsy card stock, the way the ink lays on the paper and an imperfect trimming job, can all convey a lack of attention to detail.


There is still plenty of business done on a personal level. A business card is your first point of contact marketing piece in networking and face-to-face situations. Long after an event or meeting is over, that person you connected with still has your card. In days or weeks to come, that may mean a job, a sale or further conversation and connection for you.

Keeping your business card from getting lost in the shuffle can be a tall order. One of my favorite ways to make a business card stand out is to design it as a bookmark. Not only does it stand out because of its size, it’s unusual enough to make a stronger impression. The fact that it's a useful tool means that it may stick around for a while and should stay closer to top-of-mind. If designed properly, a bookmark card can be folded exactly in half and still fit into a wallet or rolodex if need be.

Take a look at your business card and ask yourself if it's working as hard as it could be.

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