Are Printed Brochures Obsolete?

January 20, 2012 at 6:17 PM

A strong brochure is still a viable communication tool. Even in today’s world of internet everything, a brochure can be effectively used to introduce your business, increase awareness, and drive traffic to your website. A brochure can be tucked in a purse or a book or sit on a desk and beckon, remind and entice. If you’re in personal contact with your potential customers, a good old brochure provides immediate engagement and a lasting reminder.

So, when is the last time you reviewed your company brochure? January can be a great time to re-evaluate, so pour yourself a hot drink, pull up a chair and take a good close look at your brochure. Then ask yourself these questions . . . What is the purpose of your brochure? Does it clearly communicate your message? Does it need to catch your eye, stand out in a crowd, resonate with your target audience or deliver requested details about your product/service? How well does it reflect your company’s personality? Is it organized, concise and easy to read?



If you feel like your brochure could use a make-over, here are some key guidelines:

Define your objective clearly. Are you selling to a new audience? Are you providing follow-up information to current prospects? Use your brochure design as a tool to accomplish your objectives.

Concentrate on benefits, not features. A product that saves your customer an hour is a feature. An extra hour to spend with your family is a benefit. What will your prospective client/customer get out of your product or service? How will it benefit them or improve their quality of life?

Know your audience and address them specifically. Write as if you were talking to a prospective client/customer. Seriously consider the services of a copywriter. Your content should be carefully, professionally written. A brochure is a marketing investment that brings you business. Make sure your content has the power to sell.

Invest in good photography. Quality, well-shot photos capture attention, evoke emotion, tell a story and reflect the character of your business. Poor photos can cause a reader to move on before they’ve read a single word.

Include a clear call to action. What is it you want the reader to do? Call, write, subscribe, order, visit a website? Make sure it’s clearly understood and easy for action to be taken.

Enjoy the process.

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