Three Ways to Find Creative Inspiration.

November 15, 2011 at 7:22 PM

When a project is on the horizon and I'm facing a blank screen or an empty sheet of paper - I sometimes need help. Perhaps the creative brief provided isn't robust enough, maybe I fixed decaf tea by mistake or maybe it's just a Monday type of day. There are a few things I like to do to get the right side of my brain started.

One | I pull a random creative/design book off my office bookshelf and start browsing. Typically, after a few minutes of enjoying some killer graphics, a seed of an idea is planted between my ears and I'm off to good start. Most of the time, what started me thinking is far from the design solution I end up with. Sometimes it's a color combination, sometimes a photograph, sometimes a layout or type treatment. The point is, I'm off and running. Creativty begets more creativity.

Two | I change my scenery. I review all the details of my project so they're fresh in my mind and then I start moving. Go for a walk, sit in my big comfy chair by the window, even folding laundry can do the trick. It's a bit like tricking my mind into thinking I'm busy doing something else and creating a space in my mind that can be filled subconciously. This one can take a little time, but it definitely works.

Three | I google it. Yep, I just start googling. Sometimes words that relate to the project, or image searches connected to the audience I'm targeting, even other design blogs about finding inspiration. My searching can lead down some pretty twisted paths, but I always find something that unblocks my "getting started" and then the sun comes out and all is well.

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